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External Angle Trims

  • Metal & Plastic External Angle Trims
  • Also Referred to as L Shape Angle
  • Suitable for all thickness of bathroom cladding
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External angle trims, often referred to simply as "L-angle trims" or "outside corner trims," are versatile bathroom cladding profile trim commonly used in various applications, including around windows, doorways and box sections. These trims are characterized by their L-shaped profile, which resembles the letter "L" when viewed from the side.

L-shaped external angle trims serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing corner protection, enhancing the visual appeal of spaces, and offering a practical solution for where 2 bathroom wall panels meet on an external corner. Easy to install, L shape angle are an essential trim to use during your new bathroom cladding installation. 

External angle trims are universal fitting for a wide range of thickness of panels
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