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Rimless Toilets

A Rimless Toilet is a toilet without a rim - the water instead shoots towards the edge of the WC pan, and thus around the edges of the pan itself meaning no parts are missed out. Simply by changing the way in which the water flows from the toilet cistern to the pan itself, this allows for a more hygienic toilet as there are no parts for bacteria build up (under the rim itself). Furthermore this makes the toilet easier to clean, as you don't have to worry about the rim. 
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Rimless toilets are now a lot more common and there is research to suggest that a rimless toilet can operate on less water, allowing for a cost saving in terms of water bills. Here at NXT Hardware, we can help you find the right rimless toilet for your new installation. If you require any help or advice in choosing the toilet for you, please feel free to contact our team, who will be more than happy and willing to help.
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